2020-2021 Beverly Hills National Auditions Winners Announced

Click here to see the 2020/2021 Beverly Hills National Auditions Winners.

The Auditions Selection Committee announces the BHNA winners for the 2020/2021 concert season. The selected artist and ensembles receive concerts on

  • The City of Encinitas’ Music By The Sea concert series (2020 & 2021)
  • City of Beverly Hills Music In The Mansion concert series in Beverly Hills’ historic Greystone Mansion (2021 only)

Please note: Plans for the Beverly Hills TV Department to videotape these concerts at Greystone Mansion and premiering them on BHTV proved infeasible because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. The artists and ensembles scheduled for fall 2020 will be re-scheduled in a future season. Presentation of concerts scheduled for 2021 will be  re-evaluated at a later date.